Alex's Birds

Home of the largest variety of  

Poultry, Game, Ornamental & Exotic Fowl 

in Northern Ireland

Here at Alex's Birds, we are very passionate and proud of the large range of birds we keep.

Our birds are kept in natural enclosures wherever possible, which naturally leads to happy birds and highly fertile hatching eggs.  

 Regardless of breed, whether its hatching eggs, day olds or adult birds, our end goal is always the same-

'To produce healthy, top quality birds!'

Between the months of April and August we have a wide range of hatching eggs and young birds available.

We also make poultry runs and houses.

 If there is a particular breed you are looking for it is recommended to prebook to prevent disappointment. 

We normally have a stock of the birds below at 'Point of lay' all year round. These have been selected for their egg laying capabilities, docile nature and resistance to disease, making an all round great bird for the novice or the more advanced enthusiast. 

Isa Brown Hens

Cherry Valley Ducks

Coturnix Quail

Please feel free to navigate through the other pages on our site. 

Every photo is from our own birds and all information added has came from first hand knowledge of keeping birds.